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Selecting the best organization for you is the most difficult job ! 

  • Are you not getting the right organization according to your skills?
  • Do you want to increase your salary, incentives and upgrade yourself ?
  • Do you want to earn more and have more fruitful opportunities to save money, risk and tension?   

Grab the right job opportunity according to your skills & profession.   


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Terms and condition for Employee

1.        Employee has to pay Rs.500 as registration before interview.                                                Cash/chque/DD    ( on A/c of Indianlabours.com - 226 102 000 000 034 )  Indian Overseas Bank.

2.        Employee has to pay half amount of his first gross salary as decided by the Employer to indianlabours.com after completion of 30 days service therefore he has to deposit a post dated cheque ( PDC in favors of indianlabours.com that is half of the salary +Service tax ) on the day/date of selection.

3.        Registration is valid for one year in which 3 placements for the same post will be provided including the first one subject to the condition of availability & if the employee is terminated before 30 days.

4.        For further placements employee has to renew his registration by paying Rs.100 which will be abided by the condition mention above at 3.

5.        The Information/Identification /Qualification and Experience provided by the candidates must be correct and true to their statement.

6.        The employee has to well prepare and carry all his Relevant Documents and reach the destination point before the time of interview.

7.        The employer profile and detailing will be given to the employee after some formalities and resume shortlisted by employer.

8.        If the employer expels/suspend/terminate the candidate from his service or candidate leaves the job due to any reason before one month indianlabours.com will provide substitute adjustment in another company subject to the availability of the probable vacancy.

9.        The employees must discuss all the things regarding salary, nature of work, duties, liabilities, bonus, incentives, and timings etc. prior to the joining under the intimation of indianlabours.com.

10.     Indianlabours.com is playing as a role of bridge between employer & employee so we are not responsible for any kind of fines, dues, penalty imposed by the employer or any kind of dispute whatsoever.




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